Dear Valued Dogpatch Customers and Fellow Biodiesel Enthusiasts

storeDogpatch Biofuels has a new phone number 415-282-1506 and new hours, Monday through Friday, 11am - 6pm, with access 24/7 for those enrolled.

Incredible Adventures, which some of you may remember from the days of the San Francisco Biofuels Cooperative, fueling up in our back alley, monthly meetings in our office, and one, maybe two great parties, is moving to a new location in the Produce Market not too far away. We, at Incredible Adventures, will miss operating out of the station, but will continue to use B99.9 in our fleet of Biodiesel vans (which has grown to 9), which we have been doing proudly for the past 11 years.

Incredible Adventures Incredible Adventures

The station house is now open Monday through Friday, 11am to 6pm.  With additional enrollment in our after-hours fueling program (including a one-time, per-card setup fee of $35), we offer the additional convenience of being able to use our new fueling terminal to tank up with biodiesel 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! For more details see the homepage on this website, contact the station or simply stop by during open hours to begin fueling around the clock with renewable biodiesel.


Cheers, Jolie Ginsburg, Brian Deninger, Incredible Adventures, and Dogpatch Biofuels